Application for reading texts

Example from the movie Robocop 1987

As a supporter of reading from paper, read a lot of text on the screen was uncomfortable and tiring for me, so I had to write a program (the first version was written in the environment of Delphi), with which I could easily read from the screen. Then was Flash-version and now this site. Text output is made as in the old movies about cyborgs and hackers, when the text printed on the screen by an invisible hand. I always liked this text output and as it turns out I read large amounts of text on the screen very easy by this way, especially any license agreements.

A fragment of the home page

Quick start guide

You need to copy and paste a text in the "text block" to set delay in the appearance of letters and click "Get Text". To read the new text you need to press "Reset" button.

I hope someone else will appreciate this way of reading texts. Try it here