Game "Chill the Piro" (under development)


Infernal Combustion (Pyromania)

This project is an adaptation of the initial game ideas Infernal Combustion (Pyromania) 1984. The main differences from the old version of the game is a departure from the arcade, towards the solving of puzzles and the presence of history. The story is that, there were two firefighter, worked in one of the fire station and one day they are sent to extinguish a fire at a chemical factory. During suppression occurs naturally unexpected situation, the second firefighter is exposed to certain substances and to turn into the Pyromancer Demon. Save a friend fire his colleague, will burn if the pyromaniac entire city? Only after passing the whole game until the end, we learn the answer to these and possibly other issues.



Demo-version game screenshot

The levels represent the house on fire. Your task is to extinguish all fires or catch the Piro. You can use be a bucket or fire extinguisher (each has a number of charges, i.e. how many times you can use the object). The bucket can be refilled at the pump or fire hydrants. Fires tend to spread over time and from contact with flammable objects, also the spread of fires contributes the Piro. Move between the floors by stairs. If the stairs are blocked by fire, you can use the fire ladder standing on the balcony. Every contact with fire deprives the life, when the life become zero you are going to lose. If the dweller will burned, it is also a loss. Mostly to pass the level you need to find the right sequence of actions and not to pour hurl water and foam.

About the development


An early sketch of the main characters of the game

The game is developed in free time on Unity3D. Free time includes mostly weekends. Actively used technology kitchen design and the knee assembly. Originally was implemented the basic idea of the old version, after in the course of development has been amended. The project began in September 2014. The total time spent on the creation of about two months (at the time of this writing).

Who is doing all of this?

  • Sergey Marchenko ([email protected]) - programming, game-design, processing basic concepts.
  • Vyacheslav Ozolnieks - game-design and project support.
  • Dmitry Kornilov - artist, animator, UI design.
  • Dmitry Tapilin - artist, UI design.
  • Andrey Litvinov - music and sounds.
  • Jonathan T Coleman - voiceover and other voices.


To finish the project and release a version for PC/Mac and Android maybe later. Play demo-version.