Game "Chill the Piro" (game description)


Game screenshot

In this game you need to extinguish fires, rescue people and catch the Pyromancer named Piro. The levels are multi-storey houses with staircases and balconies. Movement between floors is via stair or balcony (fire escape). Fires are presented in the form of burning flames that spread with time. To pass the level you would either need to put out all the lights or to catch the Pyromancer. On each level set aside a certain amount of time for which you can go through the level without penalty points. In the end of level firefighter receives medal according to the results of final scores.





The main character of the game. Always have a bucket. May additionally carry a fire extinguisher and fire escape. Can use a fire extinguisher for a super jump.


Pyromancer Piro


Another main character in the game. Ex-partner of a firefighter who became a demon-the Pyromancer after a fire at a chemical plant. Its strength derives in the fire, spreads fire, the more fire, the higher the speed. Also can disappear in a cloud of black smoke and reappear in a random part of the house. He throws dynamite with a timer from time to time.




Grandma, grandpa, girl and intelligent man. Trying to get out of the burning house, moving the signs to the exit until it encounters the fire. They scream if fires are getting too close to them. If they get out of the house, you will get the bonus item.

Game items


Game items

  • Fire extinguisher – allows you to extinguish two fires at a time.
  • First aid kit – restores the unit of health.
  • Alarm clock – restores 30 seconds of wasted time.
  • TV, toaster, mixer, tape recorder, microwave oven, pie – extra points.
  • Jerrycan, paint bucket - they flame after contact with the fire and add extra fire.
  • Dynamite (with and without the timer) - they blast after contact the fire and destroy ceilings and walls.
  • Hydrant and fire hydrant - use it to fill the bucket with water.




  • Bucket – displays the number of times you can use the bucket replenished automatically if run past hydrant or fire hydrants).
  • Fire extinguisher – displays the number of times you can use the fire extinguisher (replenished when taking a new fire extinguisher).
  • Fire – shows the number of fires on the level.
  • Piro's head – displays the speed of the Pyromancer (more fires, more speed).
  • Life icon - displays fireman's lives number.
  • Dweller's head - show number of saved dweller/number of dwellers in building.
  • The clock - ticking on the level (marked in red if you have exceeded the time limit set at this level).
  • The icon of the fire escape - indicates the presence of a fire escape.

Game modes

To solve the puzzle

To find the correct sequence of actions and extinguish all fires.

Solve the puzzle and withdraw dwellers out of building

Advanced first option. Extinguish all fires and do not allow to burn any dwellers. In this mode is enough to extinguish all fires, but every dwellers that rescued and withdraw from a building gives extra points and a bonus item.

Catch the Piro

To catch up and grab Pyromancer. Extinguish fires to knock the stuffing out of Piro.

Bad boy (in development)

To ignite together with Piro!

Piro got excited, it is time for chill him!