Put the pieces of the picture in the correct order by moving its the keyboard arrows. This is the first completed game which I did before come in the gaming industry.



Truck Loader 2

The first game, which went to the masses. The first version existed before it was written by another developer on Box2D and was not optimized. The physics engine of the second part was developed on the Nape. The purpose of the game: load all the boxes into a truck in the right order. Added features: always jump, better mechanics, fragile boxes fall to pieces.



Truck Loader 3

New in series: magnet paw got the tonus, two type of loading vehicle, bonus mini-game basketball.



Truck Loader 4

The fourth part of a series about truck loader with magnetic paw. Updated graphics, used the latest version (at time of writing) physics engine Nape, were also used to create the Voronoi diagram for create a fragments, added real arbitrary shape terrain.




A game in which orange character, combining with blue must go to the exit from the level. The interest was to be maintained through a variety of game mechanics, such as showering blue in the right direction when separation, the pushing, the use of blue character as a trampoline and more. Not widespread, but has been a source of inspiration for other game projects.



Ship Loader

In this game we play as a port crane. Containers are required to lay hold of the ship in such a way that the ship was heeling, and that has not fallen captain. Put gently, distributing the load evenly.



Stinger Zed: Mission Undead

Commandos Zed, with special anti-zombie rockets must save the jungle from the undead. Turn-based game, homing missiles. You fired, conducted a missile to the target, then the enemies turn to shoot. There is a games boss, in all its glory.



Railway Valley 2

Connect the city rails, switch hands and accompany the train to destination without any problems. Each train has to reach a certain color to the city of the corresponding color. The game was developed on the finished engine from the first part. Many changes were made (compared with the first part), such as: backlight railroad switches, added mountains, the ability to build bridges, the concept of colored towns and trains, order additional trains from the station, refreshed graphics and more.



Railway Valley Missions

The game is a puzzle task to carry trains to their stations by switching direction, the route is already set for each level, the trains go by your schedule in sequence. Not a bad addition to the second part of the original game.



Bob The Robber 2

The second part about Bob the robber, a modern Robin Hood. The first part I adapted and corrected some errors, and the second is completely rewritten from scratch. Added a lot of new: mini-games to open the locks and removal laser traps, new enemies, you can buy gadgets in the store for the money collected at the level and more. Improved game moments, such as a trip to the elevators, stun stick, all on one level of the game screen, and others.



musicBubbles JavaScript

A simple mini game that I did as my final project for coursera.org course "Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps ".