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Dangerous animals to humans sea and parts of the land

Illustrator: T. Bolotnikova, Compiled by: Dmitry Zhogolev, Arthur Keller, Publisher: Voenizdat, Year: 1984

The guide are the distinctive features of the most dangerous animals to humans Sea and parts of the land. The information about the areas of their distribution. A brief description of the clinic, treatment and prevention of injuries inflicted by dangerous animals and poisoning their poisons. The focus is on a dangerous animal of the Eastern Hemisphere. The book is intended for physicians of the Navy. Can be used by the ship's doctors and other medical workers.

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Tourist tips

Illustrator: I. Petrovich, Authors: Yu. Aleksandrov, E. Antropov, Publisher: Leningrad color printing plant, Year: 1981

Handbook on tourism for beginners. Contains 32 cards with the hapless tourist.

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