Amazon kindle fire

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Why did I buy this tablet? I needed a cheap tablet for Android, media files viewer and reader. And I got what I wanted. All other "grievances" of people that there is no camera, no 3G, no Bluetooth, no frying pancakes and does not work on the house and a lot of what is not, all of this for me was not significant. I have a device where I can test my application, I can see the images, photos, video and read text documents. And all of this was purchased for $ 196 with no shipping costs, and after the announcement of the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet is even cheaper.

Appearance: Solid, well-made chassis, rear rubberized. The bulk of the device is the battery. See the look without the rear cover. Disassemble and assemble the device is very simple, after my tablet went swimming had to. The consequences of bathing: slightly oxidized contacts on the board, there were spots on the screen. The unit did not want to work in a condensate, the screen is not turned on. After disassembly, cleaning and drying it worked. It's true for a while the power button is buggy and still had stains on the screen. Was about to order a new screen (by the way he composes almost half the cost of the device), but the stains are gone with time, the button also gave crash. In general, quite hardy device.

Functionality: simple, intuitive and pleasant, at least to my eye, the interface. All control is via the touch screen. By default, applications can be loaded only from Amazon Store. After obtaining root-access, you can install Google Play and generally reinstall the operating system. Also initially missing Russian layout screen keyboard, but it's not a problem to install.



17 september 2012