Tamiya Remote Control Bulldozer 70104 NIB

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To date, perhaps the best crawler chassis for different initial experiments with mechanics and electronics. Inexpensive, simple, high quality designer. All you need to build on this basis motorized vehicles "in a hurry" and not steamed finding old electro-mechanical toys or break the finished Tanchico (I mean tank's toy).

Box: all is well packed and ready to assemble, instructions included.

Assembly: compile a pleasure, all is well linked in, screwed and interlocks do not have to hurry. The only thing is to remove burrs from plastic parts, after they were rip it out of the lattice.

Functionality: Two motors allow it to drive back and forth tracked miracle and collapse on the spot, on the remote are relevant switches. That is the minimum that I needed to build their self-propelled cart. Standard remote control cut wire cutters, wood-based board would lie well to the microcontroller on the back of the circuit board went. And my ready-propelled tracked chassis with full remote control, which I have long wanted to assemble.





17 september 2012